You have questions. All entrepreneurs have questions.  You know legal is important and that you should understand it so you can protect your business.

But, even if you do reach out to a lawyer to help you.

Sometimes, it just isn’t enough.

You have what you asked for, but you don’t have what you need. You don’t have all of the information. You don’t have a base understanding of how legal impacts your business.

Lawyers aren’t big on giving away information. Entrepreneurs aren’t big on paying a lawyer to explain everything. So, the cycle perpetuates itself. A lawyer would gladly sit in a chair and explain how legal impacts your business.

For a fee.

But, that isn’t what you need. What you need is information. 

What you need is Legal to English Academy.

Sometimes You Still Need to Go Deeper.

Sometimes you need to talk through a legal issue. Sometimes, you have questions. Sometimes, you want to know more about a legal topic and how it applies in your industry. The way you need it to protect you.

Sometimes you just feel alone. Like you are out there doing it all yourself.

Legal to English Academy is not only an education platform where you can get in depth access to legal issues that impact every business, but it is a community and a training engine where you can find out what works, how to use it, and get the support and momentum you need. 

And, for early adopters, it is less than fifty cents a day!

  • Webinars

    There are some things that go beyond the basics of the law. This is where you can begin to use legal to truly set yourself apart from everyone else. Each month we will have an in depth webinar on a topic that will help you protect your business.

  • Live Q&A Consultations

    Do you ever feel stuck on a particular problem? You need to understand how something works legally to help you protect your business. Are you just concerned about how something will impact your business? So are a lot of entrepreneurs! Each month, you can ask your questions in our live q&a consultations. It's like free legal consultation where you get your questions answered and get help in protecting your business and get over some of your fears and other hurdles of getting started!

  • Templates

    Understanding the law is only half the battle. You need to have documents that can help you protect your business. You can access templates and other important documents to help you protect your business the right way using tested templates that will work for you.

  • Interactive Forums

    Sometimes, you just need some community. A place to ask questions and talk to others who are in the trenches of business with you. You can meet friends, get some legal (or not necessarily legal) questions answered from the community. Of course, Josh will also be in the Forums helping you out with your questions as well.

Am I your client if I join Legal to English Academy?

  • No. An attorney client relationship only begins if I offer you specific legal advice or services based on your unique situation. Legal to English Academy is an educational tool and it does not create an attorney client relationship.

I am not in Alabama, can I join?

  • Yes! Legal to English Academy is an educational tool and nothing contained inside "constitutes legal advice".

How can I use the templates?

  • Your Legal to English Academy membership gives you license to use the templates and other content available in the academy for your business. You can edit and modify the templates to help you in your business.

What Can't I do With the Templates?

  • You can't copy the templates to give away or sell to someone else. If you think the templates would be beneficial to someone else, encourage them to join Legal to English Academy. After all, there is community here and everyone benefits from a new perspective.


Why should I join now?

  • As an early adopter, you will have some control over the development of what goes into Legal to English Academy.

If this is new, how can it help me?

  • As soon as you join, you will have access to Startup 101. The flagship course that contains 19 lessons and hours of legal information to help you understand the legal that impacts your business. More courses are coming all the time. Be a part of the community and ask for what you need right now.

How long will the price be this low?

  • The early adopter pricing will not last for long. But, anyone who joins at the early adopter pricing will enjoy that price as long as they are a member.

Will I have Personal Access to a Lawyer?

  • Legal to English Academy does not include personal consultations or other legal work, but early adopters will have direct say in what is happening and help on specific needs as materials are being developed.

Why is Legal to English Academy Effective?

Many small businesses ask the same questions to lawyers day in and day out. Most lawyers charge each owner for the answers to the questions. Legal to English Academy is designed around the community entrepreneurs need to foster a sense of camaraderie in working together to make our businesses stronger.

Many corporate legal concepts are the same across the United States. The information available in Legal to English Academy will benefit your understanding the legal affecting your business everyday. 

Discover a Better Way to Do Legal!

Join Legal to English Academy Today!